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Here are some frequently asked questions about the VMT Lobby. There are also sets of Frequently Asked Questions about the VMT Chat roooms and the VMT wiki.

Frequently Asked Questions about the VMT Lobby

  • How do I get an account?
If you don’t have a username and password for Virtual Math Teams yet, you need to register to participate in VMT. To register, go to the VMT webpage and follow the “register” link. You chose your username and the system will assign you an initial password and send it on an e-mail. (You can change the password assigned to you through the VMT website)
  • How do I log in?
Enter the VMT Lobby by filling out your username and password. Once you authenticate yourself, you will be taken to “the lobby” which looks like this:
-The left navigation area (#1 in the picture) allows you to get basic information about VMT, find out who is online now, send messages to users, update your profile, go to the wiki, etc.
-The top menu (#2) allows you to filter the rooms you want to see by the project they belong to or by the last time a room was active. View rooms organized by subject or by room name.
-The main list of rooms (#3) is organized by subject (e.g. Pre-Algebra) and by topic or problem (e.g. Jar of Coins). Click on a room’s name to enter. Click on a topic to see a description.
-At the bottom of the left navigation area you will see a link to the VMT wiki (#4)
  • How do I enter a room
You enter a room by clicking its name in the list presented in the lobby. The chat room runs as a Java application that will open up in a new window. To familiarize yourself with the system, use the “Sandbox” room located under the “Orientation” subject in the list
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