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Here are some frequently asked questions about the VMT Chat rooms. There are also sets of Frequently Asked Questions about the VMT Lobby and the VMT wiki.
Btw, there a few very informative animated demos about some of the features of the VMT chat, although they might be a bit out of date.

Frequently Asked Questions about the VMT Chat rooms

  • How can I use the pointing arrows?
The blue arrows that link chat messages to each other and to the shared whitebaord are "references". To refer to a drawing on the whiteboard click on the pointing finger icon on the toolbar, select a rectangular area on the whiteboard by clicking and dragging your left mouse button. Now you should see an arrow linking your message to the area on the board. Similary you can refer to a previous chat message by double clicking on it. You can watch two animated demos to learn more about how to make references from a chat message to another and how to make a reference to the whiteboard
  • How can I remove a reference?
If you change your mind about posting a message with a reference, you can clear it before you push Enter. To clear the reference press the Esc key and the blue arrow will disappear. There is no way to clear a reference after you have posted a message with one because that could confuse people in the chat, so go ahead and simply apologize if you make a mistake. :-)
  • Why do buttons on whiteboard get disabled?
Buttons get disabled on the whiteboard when you are browsing the whiteboard history. The scroll-bar on the far left side of the screen controls the state of the whiteboard. Whiteboard buttons are enabled only if you are viewing the current state. To go back to the current state make sure that the scroll bar is pointing to the right-bottom corner, or simply press this button:
  • What do the dots (or little squares) on the chat window mean?
The squares denote the actions performed on the whitboard. If you hover your pointer on a box, a tooltip message will tell you who performed the action and a basic description of what he/she did. If you wish you can also go back to the whiteboard scene when the action was performed by clicking on the box (don't forget to reset your whiteboard scroll bar to the current state afterwards)

  • What does the scroll bar on left hand side do?
This scroll bar controsl the history of the whiteboard. In other words, it allows you to browse through the entire evolution of the actions performed on the whiteboard since the creation of the room, like in an animated movie.
  • Is there a way to clear the whole whiteboard?
Yes. Select all objects on the board by dragging a big rectangular area with your mouse, then click on the scissor button or press on DEL key on your keyboard.
  • How do I leave a chat room?
Simply close the window by pressing the "x" button on the top-right corner.
  • How do I know what is the problem topic a room is associated with?
Inside the room, look for the "Topic" tab which will display a web page with the original problem topic under which the room was created.
  • Can I copy/paste text or images to the whiteboard?
You can paste the text stored in your clip-board to a message you are authoring or to a textbox. Just activate the cursor and press CTRL and V or the paste icon. You can also paste images on the whiteboard similarly.

If you have a question about how to use any future of the VMT chat rooms, feel free to ask it in the discussion section of this FAQ page and someone will try to answer it for you.

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