Thinking Reasoning and Problem Solving Fall 2013

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Welcome to COGS 558

Welcome to COGS 558 Thinking, Reasoning and Problem Solving, Fall 2013, Department of Cognitive Science, METU Informatics Institute, Murat Perit Cakir

COGS 558 Course Overview Fall 2013
This page provides general information about the course.

Lecture Notes, Readings

  • All lecture notes and pdf copies of readings will be available at a shared folder at dropbox. Please email the instructor to request an invitation. Please go to to register for an account if you don't have one. You don't need to install the desktop version of Dropbox, you can use the web interface to download the course materials.
  • Important note: Please do not delete or move files from the shared folder. Please also be careful if you are using the desktop version. Since dropbox is a file sharing software deleting or moving a file from your local dropbox folder will delete those files from everyone else's folder! You should make a copy of each file at a separate folder while you are using the dekstop version.


  • Take home midterm is posted at dropbox.
    • Please take a look at the guidelines for VMT activities page for information about the team discussion component of the assignment. You need to complete at least one chat session with your teammates to discuss the midterm questions. You will learn this material the best if you discuss it with your peers. Please go over underlying concepts and ask about things that are difficult for you to understand.
    • Even though collaboration is highly encouraged, you still have to write your reports individually, and submit your answers until Sunday, November 17th, 2013 midnight.

Questions? Comments? Issues about this course?

Click on the discussion tab at the top to go to a threaded discussion area for this course.


Note: We have access to all of these resources through METU library


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