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Welcome to the Virtual Math Teams Problem Solving Wiki... This wiki is a place for people to create, test, discuss, and refine ideas about mathematical problems and ways to solve them (strategies). It is intended to be a permanent repository of information about strategies that can be used to approach many different kinds of problems in mathematics.


What is this Wiki for?

This wiki can be used by teams of students as a place to find interesting challenges (e.g. applying a new strategy to a known problem), to post their intermediate or final results, or to challenge other teams to work on a certain problem or strategy. Individual students can also use this wiki to learn new strategies described by others or find challenges that their teams can take on. This wiki can also be used by teachers in many ways.

Instructions for VMT Spring Fest 2007

Anyone can contribute to this wiki. There are many ways to do so. For example, after following the Probability link below, you can pick a problem and a strategy to work on with your team in a VMT room. When you have come up with something, you can summarize your work in your chat room's Summary tab and later post it to this wiki. Here you can also see what other teams have discover about a problem and/or strategy. Comment on their postings with your team. (Here you can see who is in which team)

Current Problem Solving Areas

Currently, we are working on problems and strategies in the following areas of mathematics:
Patterns and Sequences
Getting unstuck when problem solving
Collaborating effectively when doing math

What this wiki is not

Btw, this is not a "Math wikipedia" as in "the last word" on all things math. Instead, is a place to wonder with other people about math problems, what makes a good one, why some strategies work so well with some types of problems and why they fail with others, and things like that. Below you will find some topics or clusters of problems. Feel free to add some more, but try to follow the same style used in the existing pages. (The VMT team, 2007)

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