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Skype call with Israeli Researchers

On 3/30/2015 Tony had a skype call with Baruch Schwarz and his team. They do research into big data analysis and machine learning, but all focused on education. They have a one year research project and they would like to use VMT as the data source. Their main technical concerns are:

  • analyzing the data in real time
  • Typing Hebrew in the chat.

Typing in Hebrew is certainly a problem that has been solved before, that's probably not hard. Getting data in real time is not currently possible with standard VMT, but Carnegie Mellon's customized VMT client might be able to do what they need.

It sounds like the students involved in the project will be 7th-8th grade, so using English for chat is not feasible.

They know Murat, and are familiar with Caroline Rosé's work.

Tony gave them a demo of both VMT and VMTmobile, and explained what kind of data is available in the logs. As of the date of the call, their plan is to try out both, and also to reach out to Murat and Caroline.

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