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Here are some resources to get you started on using this Wiki. There are also sets of Frequently Asked Questions about the VMT Lobby and the VMT Chat rooms

Frequently Asked Questions about the VMT wiki

  • How do I create a new page?
The easiest way to create a page is simply to type the URL of a non-existing page and let the Wiki prompt you to edit the page (if a page with that name did not exist already). For example, if I wanted to create a page for my team's ideas for April 23, I could simply replace the text that is in my browser's address field to look like this: After hitting the Enter key, you should be able to add content to your new page by editing it.
Need more info on how to create a new page?
  • How do I edit a page?
When you are ready to add the text of a new page or want to add something to an existing page, you will be "editing" that page. Basically, you enter your text in a field as if you were typing in a word processor or sending an e-mail. Once you are done, you can see the preview of your changes or simply save the page, using the buttons at the end of the page. There are a couple of special "codes" to put text in bold or create bulleted lists, and you can learn about how to do those things here.
  • How do I signed my postings on the Wiki?
It is very easy. Simply add four tildes ~~~~ in your text and the Wiki will replace them with your username and a the data and time when you posted your comment, like this: Jsarmi 11:29, 24 April 2007 (EDT). Doing this helps others understand who and when changed a page.
  • How do I upload an image?
To upload an image, use the Upload file link toward the bottom of the left navigation menu found on each wiki page. Once you are in that page simply follow the steps to upload your image file. Then, you can include the image you uploaded by adding a code like this one to your page: [[Image:MyImage.jpg|100px]] (The last number makes the image 100 pixels wide and tall). More on image uploading
  • What is the "history" of a page?
Every change that is every made to a page on the wiki is saved, so you can see all of these different "versions" of the page by looking at the history tab on the series of tabs that appear on the top part of every page.
  • How do I know when a page has changed?
When you need to "track" a page in order to know when it has changed, you can add it to your watchlist. You will see a watch tab on the top of every page which allows you to include the current page in your watchlist. The next time you login, you can go directly to my watchlist to see if the pages that you are interested in have changed. If you want to be notified by e-mail, go to my preferences (on the top) and activate that option.
  • How to have a conversation through the Wiki
Although the easiest way to have an interactive conversation is to use a VMT chat room, you can also post comments and respond to them through the wiki. For this, use the discussion tab which you will find in each page. Don't forget to sing your postings with the four tildes ~~~~ as we explained above. Read more about what is a discussion or talk page?
  • How do I type math formulas?
Use simple ASCII formulas and type a dollar sign before and after your equation. Like this:  y = m*x + b. By the way, this works the same way in the chat and inside a textbox in the whiteboard.

Other Resources

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