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The goal of the class is to build a wiki site summarizing the findings of this quarter's HCI course. The wiki site should be written to be read by the general public interested in the design of social interaction software for the CSCL research community. You should contribute to this site throughout the quarter as you discover information or have new ideas. Collaborate with others in the class by adding new contributions, re-organizing the headings or page links and editing existing contributions. Use your judgment in creating headings and subheadings or new sub-pages.
This wiki site is a major goal of the course. You will be graded on your contributions to it. You can sign your new contributions by typing four tildes at the end. The history of the pages will also show your involvement in editing and organizing pages. Be sure that you are loggged in when you work on these pages. Gerry 12:42, 22 March 2008 (EDT)
To start with, a main page is defined for this:

Supporting the CSCL Research Community

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