Teachers: Orientation

The Virtual Math Teams (VMT) project at the Math Forum is signing up teachers for a free and easy way to use technology to enrich problem-solving in your class and motivate your students.

Through the Virtual Math Teams (VMT) research project, middle school and high school students can learn to work in small groups and solve non-routine pre-Algebra, Algebra, and Geometry problems using our special Internet chat and shared whiteboard software.


Here is a sample of ways in which you can participate:

  • Multi-school teams: Your students join students from other schools to solve open, non-routine math problems online (e.g. the Math Forum's Problem of the Week) during or after school, at a time coordinated among the participating teachers. Math Forum staff can help coordinate scheduling and can provide feedback if requested by the teams.

  • Within-class teams: Students in your classes form local teams and solve math problems online at a time of your choosing, using our chat system. Teams can submit solutions and ask for feedback. At any time, students can start participating in multi-school teams while participating in local teams.

  • Open: Your students can form their own teams anytime to solve homework problems, study together, or simply do any math they'd like to.

  • We are also open to your suggestions, so feel free to propose other options that might work for you. The following table summarizes the basic parts of the program:

    When could the sessions be? What problems would
    students solve?
    How could teams be formed?
    * During the school day at the time of your class

    *  At a scheduled time coordinated among multiple schools (possibly after school)

    *  Whenever your students want to meet online to do math after school
    * Non-routine math problems provided the Math Forum or chosen by teachers
    * The Math Forum's Problem of the Week (PoW)
    * Homework or other math problems brought by students to their sessions
    * Teachers form their own local teams

    * The Math Forum coordinates team formation with teachers in multiple schools.

    * Students create their own teams to work on their own.

    To participate, start by Registering. If you are already registered, check currrent events or Login directly.