Researchers: Orientation

The Virtual Math Teams (VMT) project at the Math Forum is an NSF-funded research program that investigates the innovative use of online collaborative environments to support effective K-12 mathematics learning.

VMT brings together an interdisciplinary team of local researchers, Math Forum staff, doctoral students in the College of Information Science and Technology at Drexel University, and an international team of collaborators in the learning sciences.

VMT implements a multidisciplinary approach to research and development that integrates:
  • Quantitative modeling of students' interactions online
  • Ethnographic and conversation analytical studies of collaborative problem solving
  • An iterative process of software design.

Key research issues addressed include:
  • How to group students for effective online collaboration
  • How to design rich mathematical problems that foster collaboration and deep mathematical reasoning
  • How to structure the online collaborative experience
  • How to study the forms of collaboration and reasoning that take place in such online environments

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The Virtual Math Teams Project:
An Overview of VMT