How to Run jnlp Files


If you have just installed Java Runtime Environment to your computer, then Java Web Start may not automatically start running when you click on the link to the lobby.

When you click on the lobby link your computer downloads a file ending with ".jnlp", which needs to be run by Java Web Start to get you to the VMT lobby room. You can double click the .jnlp file in the downloads folder to start VMT.
To start VMT automatically, your computer might need your assistance to pick a program to open it. We have included on the page instructions for solving this problem under Windows and MacOS X.


1. Download the file to your desktop (right click on the room's link and choose "save target as"). You will see an icon on your desktop similar to the one shown below. (in this example the file is associated with note pad by default)

            picture of a vmtClient.jnlp file's icon

2. We need to tell Windows which program it should use to run this file. To do that
right click on the icon, and select "Properties". You will see a window similar to the
one below:

            vmtClient.jnlp Properties dialog window
3. Right next to the "Opens with" field you should see a button with label
"Change...". Click on this button. This will open another window (shown below)

            Open with dialog window

4. If you can see jawaws (stands for java web start) among recommended
programs then click on it, and then press the OK button. Proceed to step 5.

            4.1 If you cannot see jawaws as an option, then you should click on
            "Browse...".  This will open a new window as shown below
            Open With... File Explorer dialog window

            4.2. You should be looking at the contents of your Program Files folder here,
            which is the default folder Java Web Start should be installed. Locate the folder
            named Java Web Start among the list shown above, and double click on it. You
            will see the contents of that folder (as shown below)

            File Explorer winfow showing javaws.exe in the Java Web Start folder

            4.3. Double click on jawaws.exe (as shown above).

5. Now the properties window we opened at step 1 should look like this
            vmtClient Properties dialog window with vntClient.jnlp properly configured as a javaws file
    Click OK to close this window.

7. Now the icon on your desktop should look like this

            vmtClient.jnlp file as a Java Web Start icon

    Double click on this file. This should now start Java Web Start and you should be
    able to see the Lobby window shortly.

MacOS X:

If Java Web Start is not properly enabled, go to the Java Control Panel. On the "Advanced" tab, find JNLP and check a box to allow them.